• Danielle Motley

Here's how pet influencers are changing the way brands look at marketing

Companies have been using celebrities in the marketing of their products for decades. Celebrities represent what people dream of being: rich, beautiful and famous. They naturally have the ability to influence consumers’ purchasing choices by simply appearing with a product in an advertisement. Recently there has been an emergence of a new type of influencer, the social media influencer. These “celebrity” like figures have created large followings among users throughout all social media platforms. The difference, however, between social media influencers and their movie star/musician celebrity counterpart is that the social media influencer has cultivated a deeper trust and loyalty with their fan base. No social media influencer shows this quite like the pet influencer.

Pet influencers are social media accounts created for pets that have gained huge amounts of followers through creative content and innovative interactions with followers. The ability to build a bond between the pet influencer and fan base has shown to be an extremely valuable asset in the world of social media advertising. This is not the only advantage of pet influencers but just the first of many.

Building Strong Bonds

Pet accounts on social media have mastered the art of cultivating trust and loyalty among followers. They have created authentic relationships with those followers through consistently posting quality content and interacting with followers through comments, likes and contest giveaways. The content from pet influencers allow users to follow the daily lives of the pets and create bonds between the influencer and the follower as if the pet were their own. This level of loyalty is hard to achieve in the digital age where the attention of the consumer is being pulled from every angle. Pet influencers build this loyalty and trust well and do so with a large scale audience because after all, everyone loves pets.


The results for advertisers that use influencer marketing have shown that it extends the value of every dollar spent by nearly 7 times compared to traditional online marketing. This could be attributed to the fact that traditional marketing has gone well beyond the point of saturation. There were times where advertising online was fairly new and had less competition, meaning that advertisers were paying lower prices per conversion. Many advertisers saw that as the golden age but that is long gone. Social media influencer marketing has shown the same trends as online marketing of having low cost and high returns at the start. With more and more brands realizing the enormous value of advertising with social media influencers its only a matter of time before the well dries up.

Ads Within The Content

With the average American being exposed to up to 5000 ads per day, companies are fighting for every tiny bit of the consumer’s attention. Thousands of companies are competing to be seen and heard by the consumer. However, the fight for attention does not stop between competing companies, a company must also fight against consumers attempting to avoid ads on every platform. Ad blockers for web browsers and paid streaming subscriptions are just a couple of the ways that consumers try to avoid being bombarded with advertisements on a daily basis. So how do advertisers adjust and break through these anti-ad barriers?

Native advertising is the solution that has emerged. Native advertising puts ads exactly where the consumers are accustomed to looking; within the content itself. Reports indicate that over 70 percent of internet users would prefer to see or hear about a product through native advertisements and those ads increase the likelihood of a purchase by 50 percent. No section of social media influencers does this better than the pet space. Seamlessly integrating brands into everyday content is something that pet influencers have succeeded in doing where others have struggled.


This is probably the benefit that gets overlooked the most since it is the most misunderstood topic in advertising. One fourth of the search results for the largest brands in the world are created by user posts. The fact is that the more users are posting and talking about the brand online, the better that brand is going to rank throughout search engines. And when the posts are from highly credible and highly ranked influencers then the rankings are to improve that much more. An obvious and added bonus to the SEO is the flood of traffic coming from the ad.

Tie Ads To Happy Feelings

People tend to make purchasing decisions based on emotion, which makes content that evokes positive emotion from consumers extremely valuable to advertisers. Pets naturally make people happy, this is a fact whether the pet is your own or one that you happen to see while scrolling through the internet. Attaching ads to these happy feelings cause consumers to naturally feel happy when they think about the brand or product in the advertisement. An added benefit of attaching ads to happy content is that they’re more likely to share that content with their friends, resulting in extra viewers of the advertisement.

“Thumb Stoppers”

Pets are thought of as “Thumb stoppers” in social media because they have the ability to stop the users thumb from scrolling past the content. Because of the fact that pets tend to evoke happy feelings, users are more prone to stop at a post by a pet influencer than by any other general form of influencer. Users want to stop browsing to see what the cute dog is up to now. The pets get the users to stop scrolling through their feed long enough to see what product is being advertised, making them invaluable in a world where the average internet users attention span is rapidly declining.

Reaching Target Audience

At first glance pet influencers have a clear target audience, pet owners. Pet brands cannot get any more specific when using social media influencers, every single company that has to do anything with pets should be using pet influencers to reach consumers. But while reaching pet owners is an obvious benefit of using pet influencers, often times the more subtle demographic goes unnoticed, the demographic of families.

Pet influencer accounts on social media do not just represent the feeling of being a pet owner but the idea that pets are members of their families. Every pet is an integral part of the family they belong to, pets are even thought of as extra children in some families. Pet influencer accounts are ways for consumers to relate with those families through the viewpoint of the pets. Opportunities to advertise to families can range from as obvious as a company with a new vacuum cleaner that wants to promote it's ability to pick up pet fur to a more discrete advertisement of a pet loving the new family couch.

Petfluence sets out to bridge the gap between influencer and brands, with a specific focus on the pet space. Petfluence uses cutting edge technology and a streamlined process in order to match together brands and influencers that will generate the most optimal result for everyone. With a reach of over 150 million users, Petfluence has quickly established itself as the leading influencer network working in the most influential space of pets.



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