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Rising Stars of 2018

Who doesn’t love a cute cat video? People shamelessly lose hours of their lives every day reading cat and dog-shaming articles and watching videos of pets doing the darndest things.

Animals are marketing gold; we realize that. Animal lovers ourselves, each of our staff has a pet or two of their own, we know the impact that seeing a cute and cuddly furbaby has not only on the soul but the mind.

Who Are Petfluence Rising Pet Stars of 2018?

We chose ten pets on social media that we think have what it takes to be A-List pet influencers in the near future. We chose carefully, using our experience and expertise to choose these top 10. We based our choices on: social reach, creativity, originality, and quality of content. We know there are so many amazing pets and accounts out there, but you really don’t want to miss an opportunity to work with these rising stars!

We even made a video highlighting those pets on our must watch list. Here's the who's who in the world of the

Luna Rose | @hello_luna_rose

385.4K social reach

Luna Rose is a 1 years old Scottish fold mix living in LA. Her siblings are Nala and Mr. White aka “Coffee”.

Heiko | @heikosadventures

46.8K social reach

Heiko is a Miniature Pinscher who enjoys traveling the world with Sarah, his photographer mom.

Sherman | @sweetbabysherman

10.8K social reach

Sherman is an adorable Australian Labradoodle living life in the fast lane out of the East Village in NYC.

Albert | @albertbabycat

650.9K social reach

Albert is an adorable munchkin cat who has taken the internet by storm.

Lucy and Emily | @pupsonpar

60.5 K social reach

Two doggie sisters: Lucy, an 8-year-old Labrador, and Emily, a 2-year-old rescue mix. They spend most of their year working on the golf course with their human parents in Pennsylvania. Hence, their handle: @pupsonpar.

Mr. Eggs and Sir Pumpkin | @mreggsthecat

74.6K social reach

Mr. Eggs and Sir Pumpkin are two dashing, unique cat brothers who love with their hilarious human dad, Jimmy.

Mila | @thevelvetburritos

127.2K social reach

Mila is a beautiful Pit Bull rescue living in the charismatic city of New Orleans with her mom, who has affectionately nicknamed her “The Velvet Burrito”.

Garfi | @meetgarfi

302.3K social reach

Garfi is an orange, 12-year-old, doll face Persian cat who has been dubbed as the world’s angriest cat, due to his always present and lovable frown, complete with a furrowed brow. An international public figure, Garfi resides in Istabul, Turkey.

Grayson and Weston | @graywoof

190K social reach

Grayson is a happy, Siberian Husky, whose love for the outdoors we can see displayed on his face in each of his photos. Last year, he got a new brother, a Berger Blanc Suisse named Weston, and now they adventure around together with their parents, James and Kassie.

Miles Jacob | @iheartmiles

153.6K social reach

And last, but certainly not least, Miles Jacob. Miles is a happy, vibrant Husky living in Los Angeles. His beautiful smile and glacial blue eyes will make you fall in love with him instantly. Hence the ever-so-fitting name: @iheartmiles.

To learn more about how you and your brand can work with any or all of these adorable animals, reach out to us using our website contact form.

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