• Danielle Motley

Puppies, Kittens, and Otters, Oh My!

On Sunday, spirits were high in anticipation of the 52nd Superbowl, with people fighting traffic and ordering piles of fried food to gather and watch the New England Patriots face off against the Philadelphia Eagles, this year’s underdog.

Speaking of dogs, Animal Planet had their own game scheduled--- the 14th Annual Puppy Bowl, which was the most adorable sight we’ve ever seen. We don’t know about you guys but that’s where our eyes were glued on Sunday. Dozens of adoptable puppies from all over the country, including areas affected by the disastrous hurricane season, participated in the bowl, seeking a trophy and a forever home.

Pets and animal lovers alike gathered to watch these furballs face off. Two teams of rescue dogs, Team Ruff and Team Fluff, vied for the coveted Lombarki Trophy.

And who was the referee? A SLOTH! Shirley the Sloth to be exact. Yes, go ahead and start googling now.

Here’s some highlights from the paw-sitively adorable event:

The first touchdown was scored by Jennifer Pawrence aka J-Paw, an American Staffordshire Terrier-Bulldog on team Ruff.

Also on Team Ruff, the professional napper, Mr. Wigglesworth, a Shar-Pei, who won the Underdog Award. Hey, we get it. You gotta get a nap in when you can. Priorities.

It was a pretty heated fourth quarter, but after two hours of slobber, sweat, and snoozes, Team Fluff ended up taking home the Lombarki Trophy, with a score of 52-47. Bear, an American Staffordshire-Terrier Foxhound on Team Fluff, was named MVP of this year’s Puppy Bowl.

Bear: 2018 Puppy Bowl MVP

This wasn’t the only ball game of the day deserving of a special round of appaws. And, no, we still aren’t talking about the Patriots and Eagles, although, sure, they do too. We are talking about the other two animal competitions that took place on Superbowl Sunday: The Kitten Bowl and The Otter Bowl.

Hosted by The Hallmark Channel, the 5th annual Kitten Bowl, similar to the Puppy Bowl, hosted a slew of adoptable kitties from hurricane-devastated areas. The Little Longtails, North Shore Bengals, Pouncy Panthers, and Last Hope Lions, paw-ticipated in Sunday’s game.

If those two competitions weren’t enough of a cuteness-overload, yes, we did say there was an Otter Bowl.

As if anyone needs a reason to watch otters do anything anyway. Hosted by the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, The Otter Bowl consisted of these mesmerizing creatures spending their Super Bowl Sunday as any self-respecting otter would. They floated around in their tank with football-themed enrichment toys, lounged on the rocks and their backs whilst scarfing down snacks, and played with their buddies. A Sunday well spent.

So whether you favor pups, kittens, otters, or all of the above, there are plenty of fur-tabulous videos to keep you binging all week. Paws everything else you're watching and catch up on Sunday events.



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