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5 Brands Our Petfluencers Love

"Oh my gosh, I wish you hadn't been thoughtful enough to bring me a present just because you care!" Said no one ever. Everyone loves a surprise gift. And who better to surprise than your four-legged friends? Our Petfluencers and their humans have brands they love, and we thought we would share the most popular ones with you.

1. Playology

Playology takes the science behind a dog’s sense of smell and utilizes to enhance their toy experience. Combining two of their favorite things, food and toys, Playology creates extra durable toys, filled with food-flavored scents to promote chewing and play time. Millions of scented microbeads are embedded into the material of the toy. As the dogs chews on the toy, the scent beads are popped to keep the pup engaged. Each smell is a natural scent (chicken, beef, or bacon). Playology also took into account the size of different breeds and created toys in S, M, L so you can find the toy that best fits man's best friend.

2. Ruffwear

Created by outdoors and travel enthusiast, Patrick Kruse, Ruffwear was born in a garage and is now a globally recognized brand. Patrick has put passion and personal touches into every piece of his business. The logo for the brand was inspired by Ursula, a beautiful Rottweiler found abandoned in a junkyard, who was immediately adopted by Patrick’s friend, Lynne. Additionally, he uses real human and pup companions as ambassadors for his brand, sharing their stories on his website to inspire like-minded adventurers. Ruffwear creates pet accessories meant to enhance exploration and travel for dogs and humans alike, ensuring that your four-legged companion doesn’t have to miss a minute of the fun!

3. Fresh Step

Fresh Step, one of the most popular and versatile cat litter brands around, is a favorite amongst cat lovers. Their litter line has a myriad of options for every household: multiple cats, scented, unscented, Febreze-scented, and their most recent addition: Clean Paws. Clean Paws was created to ensure that litter doesn’t track outside the box. Fresh Step knows that some may be hesitant to adopt a cat if they are worried about the mess and hygiene factor. Clean Paws allows prospective and current cat parents to rest easy, knowing that the litter will stay exactly where it should---in the box.

4. Ziwi Peak

Ziwi Peak, a premium pet food, is a favorite amongst cat and dog owners alike, and leave pets salivating for more! Made in New Zealand, Ziwi Peak products are managed by a small, devoted team that hand-crafts small batches of food every day. All natural ingredients, which consist of meat, seafood, and green mussels, are sourced from a free-range farm whose number one priority is to promote humane and sustainable farming practices. They air-dry each batch to ensure optimum preservation of the meats. If your dog or cat prefers wet food, Ziwi Peak also has moist food options. The science behind Ziwi Peak’s ingredients choices is really worth a read...but also a taste!

5. Barkbox

Who doesn’t love getting mail? Especially surprise mail. Especially a surprise box of treats and toys! Dogs already love the UPS and FedEx man pulling up (mostly because their pockets are filled with treats), but they love them even more when it’s time for that monthly Barkbox. Once it was launched, Barkbox quickly became a fan favorite and a phenomenon amongst pet parents. With subscriptions starting at $20.00 a month, Barkbox guarantees two new, innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, all made to fit that month’s theme. Yes, you heard us correctly. The boxes are themed differently every month.

We hope these tips were helpful and got you excited about all the possibilities of what you can give your best fur-friend this Valentine’s Day!

If you're a Petfluencer or interested in becoming one of our Petfluencers, we'd love to hear more about your favorite brands. Feel free to fill out this questionnaire and let us know what brands you love!



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