• Danielle Motley

Petfluence Spotlight: Get the Inside Scoop on Luna Rose

Luna Rose, a Scottish Fold mix who has taken the internet by storm, is celebrating her second birthday on April 17th. Since she joined her cat-celeb siblings, Nala and Coffee, Luna has gained an immense amount of notoriety across all social platforms. Unsure whether it’s her large, pool-like emerald eyes, or her adorable meerkat stance on her hind legs, Luna’s stolen hearts all across the globe.

Luna came to join her California brood all the way from New York City almost a year and a half ago. Luna was being rehomed in search of her forever family. When Pookie was shown her picture, she knew it was meant to be.

“When I saw her photo I knew. It was love at first sight,” Luna’s mom gushed. “Luna was being rehomed from NYC, and we knew that she belonged with us.”

She joined the family at 5 months old and immediately made a splash on the internet alongside her already famous cat siblings, Nala and White Coffee.

“She got her first job at 150,000 followers, which didn’t take her long to obtain,” says her mom.

Her favorite thing to work on is her new series, Facebook Watch, spearheaded by her sister, Nala.

“She really likes that because she gets to show her personality and play. It’s a lot of fun for all of them,” Pookie explained.

And she has such a sweet personality. When we met Luna, she curled up into a ball and let us cradle her for hours. She loves to be cuddled and petted.

“And she LOVES to eat!” her mom exclaimed. “She eats way too much, and her favorite thing to munch on is chicken. She goes crazy for chicken!”

We can’t wait to see what other adorable antics arise between Luna and her pals. Facebook Watch should be released soon. In the meantime, you can check out the cuteness overload that is Luna Rose on her Instagram and Facebook. But, for now, we will just wish her a happy 2nd birthday, filled with lots and lots of chicken.

"Did someone say chicken?"



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