• Danielle Motley

Facebook Watch is All the Rage

Launched late last summer, Facebook Watch has become a popular feature on the platform, as Facebook shows its ability to evolve in an ever-growing market. Facebook Watch is recruiting influencers and creators to generate content that will be exclusively available on Facebook. These videos are in an episodic format, and air at specific times each week, like network television, and may even feature a story arc. According to The Washington Post, they are even airing weekly baseball game.

Since its inception, Facebook Watch has garnered the attention of more than 60% of Facebook users that are active for 3 or more hours a day on a weekly basis, says Variety.

The majority of the content is viewed by users between the ages of 18-34, and the most popular videos viewed are less than 20 minutes. Facebook Watch is offering a variety of videos, with reality shows on the rise.

One of the most recent releases is the The Nala Show, featuring Nala Cat, who is the Guinness World Record holder for being “The Most Popular Cat on Instagram”, with 3.4 million followers and counting. Nala’s show follows her day-to-day, giving an inside look at her life with her dog and kitty siblings, as well as her human parents, Shannon and Pookie. In her first episode, we follow her as she preps for her next photo shoot.

Facebook Watch, although still not as popular as the video giant Youtube, is giving them a run for their money in just a short amount of time. Stay tuned as they grow and add new episodes each week!



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