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Who's Who At SuperZoo

SuperZoo, the annual pet expo extravaganza held every year in Las Vegas, NV, was a force to be reckoned with this year. Using the SuperZoo app to traverse the colossal convention center, I was able to easily navigate and find the booths I wanted to touch base with. From there, I was able to find new brands who resonated with me, whether it be through product innovation or backstory. My experience is detailed below; these are the brands to keep an eye on in 2018.

Snow Leopard Trust

Snow Leopard Trust touched my heart, as I learned of their quest to save, you guessed it, the endangered snow leopards of the world. Making deals with locals to buy their products to make sustainable, eco-friendly pet toys, Snow Leopard Trust ensures that the snow leopards in the area will not be hunted or harmed (in retaliation for a snow leopard killing their livestock or poaching for food). They give these communities around the world a percentage of the profits and have a standing agreement to use their products to create their toys. The Snow Leopard Trust works in 5 of the 12 countries where snow leopards are found. These countries currently contain 75% of the snow leopard population still in existence.

As a non-profit, Snow Leopard Trust works vigilantly and passionately to educate the world on the endangered cat, as well as finding ways for the locals to coexist with the elusive animal. I was taken aback (in a great way) by the driving force behind this brand of pet toys. If you’d like to learn more about the Snow Leopard Trust and their mission, visit their website.

Worldwise Inc.

Worldwise Inc., whose motto is "better products, better planet", did not disappoint at this year's SuperZoo. At their Wednesday morning media breakfast, they shared with us some of their products currently on the shelves and about to be released. I received a wealth of knowledge on: Sherpa, PawScout, Olvipet, Go Dog, Hear Doggy!, and Petlinks. As you can see, this dog was equally as captivated by their presentation as I was.


Sherpa wants the world to know that they aren't just a brand for small dogs anymore! They have put countless hours of research and technology behind their new line of travel gear for dogs and cats. Their carriers have been weight and crash tested, providing your pet with optimum levels of safety and comfort. They pride themselves on being the first soft-sided pet carrier endorsed by major airlines and continue to uphold their title as leaders on the forefront of innovative technology when it comes to pet travel and safety. Their newest line of carriers is set to be released in October of 2018.


Petlinks prides themselves on making products that fulfill your pet's emotional, instinctual, and physical needs. Each toy package comes with a color-coded label, allowing you to see exactly what the toy's purpose is (if it's a stimulant for hunting, play, independence, etc). Their cat scratcher box was especially interesting and important to me, as a cat mom to two. I know how many cats are returned to shelters or abandoned because of their tendency to destroy furniture.

Hear Doggy!

I almost fell over from how flabbergasted I was at the Hear Doggy! technology. When I go home to visit my mom, it's without fail that when I sit down to watch T.V., her lab/boxer mix, Inky, gets out her squeaker toys. Hear Doggy! has created a line of squeaker toys that only your dog can hear! As this toy was presented to us and squeezed by the man showing us the product, we saw it in action. We heard nothing, but a small dog's ears, who was also in attendance, began to go crazy, registering the silent sound. Uh-mazing!

Go Dog

With a similar focus to engage and stimulate pups to peak levels, Go Dog has created a line of durable toys. I personally got to feel and bounce one of their Screwballz I retrieved from a product dispenser. Furthermore, its popularity was quickly discovered, as when I visited the dog petting area, it was slyly stolen by one of these beagle siblings. These three dog (all up for adoption in Nevada BTW) had the best time chasing each other around the faux-grass gated area, in an attempt to be the new owner of the Screwballz. I lost my ball, but I gained some friends and first-hand insight into the popularity of Go Dog toys. Rookie move, Danielle. Rookie move.


Pawscout, an affordable piece of technology in the form of a pet collar tag, allows you locate and track your pet using the internet. Not only does it allow you to track your lost dog (like you would track a lost phone), it also works as a virtual leash. For example, if you are in the park or on a hike and your dog runs ahead of you, you can set parameters, and it will alert you on your phone if your dog has gone too far, so you can call your pet back. The best part? It's affordable! Only $19.95 for the basic tag, Pawscout's mission is to reunite families and prevent pets from going missing. Therefore they don't impose any monthly or hidden fees. It's just tried-and-true technology that works to keep you and your fur family together.


All natural treats with ingredients that you can actually read and understand? What is this sorcery? It's Olvipet!

OlviPet specializes in a line of natural and tasty treats for cats and dogs. Their production process is based on cold-pressing rather than heating processes to ensure an optimized bio-metabolism. They offer a diverse line of treats, from Denta Bars to soft and hard treats, to meet every pet's particular palate.

My last stop on this "Who's Who Tour" is at the Loving Pets display. Another leader in the world of natural treats, Loving Pets prides themselves on high-quality, all natural ingredients, as well as pet feeders and bowls made with only the finest materials. Aptly named, Loving Pets makes sure your pets are taken care of, not just with food but feeding accessories. They are known as America's best-seller of stainless steel pet feeding bowls. Their mission is to provide the world with affordable, safe, and healthy pet treats and accessories. Eric Abbey, the Founder and President of Loving Pets, comes from generations of pet lovers and innovators in the pet space. His grandfather, Lou Dalwin, was one of the founding members of the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association, known now as APPA (American Pet Products Association). Personally, my cats and I are very curious about their first ever line of treats for felines. We are especially interested in the shrimp. Stay tuned for reviews, as Roscoe places his paw on my arm and begs me to buy him a bag. Yes, this really happens. Mostly with bacon.

Well, pretty PAW-SOME event overall! Until next year! See you, SuperZoo!

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