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Caught the Travel Bug? 3 Pet Accounts That You Can Travel Vicariously Through

With summer coming to an end, some of us are begrudgingly getting back into that work routine, back-to-school shopping, and longing for those long summer nights, with the sounds of crashing waves, beautiful sunsets, and endless stretches of road ahead. Well, don't worry. We've got you covered. Not only can you get your fix of beautiful ambiance but also some of the cutest pet influencers around. These three accounts are run by year-round adventurers and will keep you engaged and overdosing on an excessive amount of cuteness!


This pack of huskies is always heading out on their next adventure. With their two humans by their side, they are constantly swimming, camping, and exploring the great unknown. Who are they? First, there was Grayson, and, soon after, Weston joined the pack. Then, completing the fur-fecta, came Coalton. A puppy who is still growing and changing every single day. Whether these three are traipsing through the desert, or swimming in the cold mountain water after an exhilarating hike, these dogs guarantee photos that are equal parts beautiful and breathtaking.


Two brave, curious cat brothers, Fish and Chips, based out of Vancouver Island, love to explore the world around them. Some cats may be scared of strange places but not these two! Fish and Chips are always excited to explore new places with their parents. Whether it be the beautiful forests or beaches of British Columbia, these cats are game! Their account boasts paw-some photos from deep within the Canadian forests and adorable poses in glistening blankets of snow. The best part? They are harness trained so they can go virtually anywhere! There's nothing more adorable than a cat running through the forest or down the beach on a harness! If this account doesn't make you purr with delight and feel all warm and fuzzy inside, we worry about your soul.


This handsome golden retriever, Aspen, steals the hearts of many humans and pets alike. With steely Robert Redford good looks, confidence, and an affinity for a more rustic lifestyle, Aspen spends his days exploring the beautiful landscapes of Colorado (where he lives) and the rest of the world with his two humans. A dog-model to the core, Aspen always strikes an epic, stoic pose for the camera. He always looks like he's about to give a wise piece of life advice. Aspen's account, like all the others, boasts spectacular shots of his latest adventures and handsome mug.

We hope these accounts do the job and tide you over until you can get out on your next adventure. Happy scrolling!

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