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In the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence, What Can You Do To Help?

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, as the waters recede, the damage remains. Thousands of animals have been displaced and their homes ruined. Whether they were in a loving forever home with their families, on the street, or in a shelter, they need help. The damage will be hefty and expensive. In the meantime, as disaster relief teams head out to help, these animals are in desperate need of TLC. What can you do to help?


Cash donations are the best way to donate during this time. That way shelters and disaster relief teams can use the money to purchase exactly what they need. If you'd like to donate, you can make monetary donations to the ASCPA or local humane societies and organizations like: Charleston Animal Society, Coastal Animal Rescue, Greenville Humane Society, The Humane Society of Charlotte, Pender County Animal Shelter, and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue are all great options for donations. Contact the shelter of your choice to see how you can help.

Foster or Adopt

If you live in a nearby area, consider fostering. If you were fortunate enough to avoid the wrath of Hurricane Florence and can handle a few extra paws, consider temporarily fostering animals from shelters that are at capacity from the influx of animals that were evacuated inland. If you were looking to add another four-legged friend to your family, there is no better time than now. Thousands of animals will be looking for forever homes.

Send Supplies

If you'd like to donate supplies, several shelters will be in need of beds, toys, and food. It is important to note that shelters can only accept rubber toys that can be sanitized. Many of the aforementioned shelters will be accepting donations as they prepare to travel into the most affected areas to provide relief efforts.

Finally, we want to give a heartfelt shoutout to those who risked their lives to save animals that were left behind or had no one to evacuate them. People like this man, Tony Alsup, who saved more than 60 animals by loading them onto and evacuating them by school bus. Thank you for your courage and compassion.

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