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Hey, Hey! It's Black Cat Day!

There is National Black Cat Day on August 17th, but, lesser known, is Black Cat Day that falls every October 27th, just four days before Halloween. Black cats get a pretty bad wrap these days. Modern folklore suggests they are unlucky or carry bad omens, which is astonishing considering that in ancient times that were highly revered in Egypt, by commoners and royalty alike. Some were even dressed in jewels and gold.

Thus, black cats have gained an unnecessarily negative stereotype amongst those non-cat lovers in today's society, similar to the stigma stuck on pit bulls. However, on a positive note, recent studies have shown that adoption rates on black cats are not the lowest amongst kitties looking for forever homes. Unfortunately, tuxedo cats seem to have a rougher time getting adopted than others. Color does seem to be a defining factor for many when picking a feline to join the family.

More notably, cats of all breeds are relinquished to shelters due to housing issues. However, if you see a spike in black cats in shelters just after Halloween, it could be the unfortunate choice of some to adopt a novelty pet and then not having the time or patience to care for their new companion. Black cats might be cute to give to your children around Halloween, but, if you don't have the time or motivation for a furever feline, these can turn out badly for the cat. This happened when movies like 101 Dalmations and Air Bud came out. Lots of Dalmations and Golden Retrievers were adopted. However, these dogs can be very energetic and need lots of attention and exercise. Thus, they were given to shelters or returned to breeders when the responsibility of having a large dog became to much to bear.

But, let's get back to the fun facts about black cats! That's what we came here to celebrate right! Black cats! Cats, cats, cats!

Japan Loves Them!

Apparently, in Japan, owning a black cat is an omen of good luck amongst single women. If a single woman in Japan has black cat, her luck in love increases.

Sailors Love Them!

Sailors also find black cats to be a sign of good luck and ensure a safe trip home. They also earn their keep on the vessel by keeping up with their mouse catching quota.

22 Breeds

There is more than one breed of black cat. In fact, cat experts note at least 22 different breeds of black cats in existence.

A Coat of Rusted Colors

Black cats' coats can rust over time. Overexposure to the sun (and we all know cats love to sunbathe) can cause the pigment in the coat to break down and take on a rusted color.

These are just a few of the many amazing facts about black cats! Google the rest when you have time!

Finally, here's two of our favorite black cats that we follow, er stalk, yep follow, on IG! Nathan and her new sister, Winnie. Nathan was found in a box on the freeway and now has over 400,000 followers on Instagram. Her parents, Rian and Mel, take her anywhere, and, get this! She loves water! Check her out on Instagram and she adventures all over her homeland of Australia.

Photo Credit: @nathan_thebeachcat

Well, we hope you enjoyed all this unsolicited intel on black cats! And have a purrfectly pawsome Black Cat Day and Halloween weekend!



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