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Remembering Miles Jacob

This week, we wanted to take the time to make a special blog post, honoring one of our exceptional petfluencers who sadly and unexpectedly left this world all too soon.

Miles Jacob, the charismatic and handsome husky, sadly passed away this week. He succumbed to a valiant battle against a rare brain tumor. We remember Miles and how lucky we were to have worked with him. We consider the pets we work with a part of our work family, and we were so heartbroken to hear of Miles's passing shortly after finishing his radiation treatments.

Living with his mom, Monica, Miles was one of the first influencers to join us at Petfluence. He helped us effectively and creatively represent different brands, bringing an exceptional amount of flair to all his posts.

Miles helped promote products like Playology Pets and Real-D 3-D, going as far as to make an in-store visit to showcase the Playology display at Kriser's Natural Pet. He made their press release a smash and was featured in their announcement when they won "2018 Pet Business Retailer of the Year".

A fan favorite, Miles was a dog full of personality. When he wasn't working on campaigns with us, he was a philanthropic pup, constantly creating content to raise money for different non-profits and charities supporting animals in need.

Followers and fans were drawn to his hilarious, high-quality shots, bursting with personality. Each photo was unique. He was such an exceptional dog model. ​

Miles will be missed greatly. But his legacy as a philanthropist and unique mark he made on the world will never be erased. His work will inspire many influencers and brands moving forward.

We will miss you, Miles. We appreciate your hard work, and we will strive to honor you and the legacy you left behind.

*All photos are owned by @iheartmiles on Instagram

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