• Danielle Motley

5 Traits That Get An Influencer On Our Favorites List

Let's be honest, we all have our list of favorites. Whether it be food or friends, you've got a top tier because they have some amazing attributes that you just can't get enough of. We get a lot of emails asking how new four-legged friends can work with us. While we are always looking for new talent as different campaigns arise, here's a way to get on our frequent flyer list for campaigns that are a fit.

1. Be Responsive, No Ghosting

Being responsive to your emails is key. On our campaigns, we can have anywhere from 2-20 active influencers, so it's key that our influencers respond quickly to any last minute changes, questions, creative copy, and contracts. Having to repeatedly check in with and chase down influencers is inefficient and can be detrimental to the campaign. Personally, we choose to do repeat business with influencers we know will respond promptly.

2. Follow Through With Deliverables

You would think this is a given, but it's not. Most of our petfluencers are amazing, however, once in a while, we get an influencer who gets tired or lazy on the campaign and doesn't follow through with their agreement. Your word is your word, so if you said you would have a photo by a certain date, or send all your posts for approval by the brand, follow through. It not only makes you look bad but us as well. Good work begets good work. And, yes, we get it, life happens. If you can't meet your deliverables for some reason, the brand is usually flexible and so are we, but, if we aren't given an adequate heads up, there's not much we can do. Communication is key.

3. Don't Be A Diva

This is rare because pet influencers are pawsome overall. But, on the rare occasion, since the accounts are managed by hoomans, we will get a pet parent who is hard to work with. It's simple. There are plenty of pet parents out there who are respectful, low-maintenance, and grateful for the work. We'd rather be surrounded by positive energy.

4. Read Your Creative Thoroughly

This is a must. One of the most important things you can do for yourself, us, and the brand, is to take the time to thoroughly read your post creative. The brand and their agency spent hours perfecting their message, and it's important that it is delivered accurately. While we pride ourselves on keeping with our influencers voice and giving them creative control, there are usually a few mandatory post creatives, whether it be certain language, a hashtag, swipe-up link, or sending over analytics after the fact. We took the time to write it, so please take the time to read it.

5. Be Flexible

Brands are always changing their minds. From flight dates to budget to creative, it can change in an instant. While we draw up contracts to keep things fair, in the beginning, while we are negotiating, terms are subject to change. We certainly don't want anyone to feel taken advantage of, but, if you can be flexible in negotiations it goes a long way. Whether it be post flexibility, a sliding scale budget, or discount for long-term work, flexibility makes all the difference.

It's a ruff and tuff business out there. Hopefully, these few tidbits provided insight into the pet marketing world. We really adore the petfluencers we work with, and we'd love to bring more opportunities to accounts that vibe with us.

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