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Two Influencers That You Should Know For National Train Your Dog Month

As January comes to an end, we didn't want to miss out on a post about National Train Your Dog Month! As I'm sure everyone knows, there's a month or day for almost everything: black cats, grilled cheese--you name it, it exists. Black cats and grilled cheese. Hmm, that sounds like a pretty good day. Life goals! Anyway, focusing! January is National Train Your Dog Month! At Petfluence, we instantly thought of two fabulous Petfluencer accounts that come to mind when looking for a dog trainer.

All Things Pups

Kaelin Munkelwitz, founder of All Things Pups, has always had a deep love, appreciation, and passion for dogs. She brings a decade of experience to her teaching, offering positive reinforcement training methods for even the most pressing behavioral issues. Additionally, Kaelin is an avid supporter of rescue organizations. She is known as the "go-to trainer" for dogs that are considered aggressive and unadoptable, saving many pups-in-need from euthanasia and helping to find them furever homes. You can view Kaelin's work and training tips on her Instagram and Facebook.

Kaelin visiting dogs at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, where she gifted them a slew of Playology toys. Photo credit: @allthingspups on Instagram

Pam's Dog Academy

Based out of California, Pamela Johnson, is an expert dog trainer who teaches tricks, behavior training, and has recently been doing an extensive amount of rehabilitation training with her own border collie, Twix. You can follow Twix's road to recovery on her Youtube. Furthermore, you can see beautiful photos of her fur family and trainees on her Instagram. In addition to providing exceptional dog training techniques, Pamela is also a skilled photographer. Pam's Youtube boasts a plethora of informational training videos. She uses clicker training, no force training. Pamela also stresses the importance of keeping your dogs not only well-behaved but healthy, making sure dogs receive the ample workouts they deserve to maintain a healthy weight.

Twix posing happily with a Playology ball. Photo credit: @pams_dog_academy on Instagram.

Whether you work with these trainers face-to-face or follow their helpful tips online, they are guaranteed to gift you with some invaluable information, helping you and your dog lead your best lives!

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