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Everything You Need to Know About the 2019 Puppy and Kitten Bowls

Let's be honest, we don't give a fluff about the Super Bowl. Sorry, Patriots. Looks like we didn't miss too much since the Rams were smoked, but, either way, our eyes were always on the Puppy and Kitten Bowl---easily the best games of the year.

That's right. If you didn't know, there are actually an annual Puppy and Kitten Bowl in existence. Hang on a sec, let me blow your mind with all the deets.

Puppy Bowl 2019

Hosted by Animal Planet, the Puppy Bowl celebrated its FIFTEENTH year this past Sunday. Once again Team Ruff and Team Fluff took the field. However, new players were featured this time around. 93 new puppies were game, 36 of them with special needs, and all were shelter pups from all over the country (including Puerto Rico and Costa Rica).

Vying for the Chewy Lombarki trophy, the players of Team Ruff and Team Fluff played quite the tail-biter. Team Ruff, led by team captain, Bennett, ultimately prevailed. Leading with 59-51, Team Ruff won the coveted Lombarki trophy.

However, Team Fluff didn't walk away empty-handed. Team Fluff member, Bumble, won the trophy for MVP, making history as the first special needs dog to ever be awarded the honor!

Other highlights included the half-time show featuring the talented Acrocats, and veteran referee, Shirley the Rescue Sloth. The musical sensation Purr-oon 5 also made an appearance, featuring lead singer, Adam Feline. They performed their hit song, "Meows Like Jagger".

Kitten Bowl 2019

Hosted by the Hallmark Channel, the 6th annual Kitten Bowl took place this past Sunday. Featuring adoptable kitties on each team, the North Shore Bengals took on the The Little Longtails in this year's Kitten Bowl.

Ultimately, The Little Longtails defeated the North Shore Bengals with 35-32, as Marbles of The Little Longtails caught the winning touchdown with 0 seconds left on the clock!

Perhaps the most heart-warming moment of the event was North Shore Bengals team captain, Davey, a special needs kitty with only one eye, being adopted by the end of the event.

Lest we not furrget the little bit of drama that took place on the field. Commentators called this image "high-fives", but I personally think it was a little cat fight between teammates.

Both events were equally pawsome and purr-ecious. We can't wait to see what antics next year's batch of adorable adoptee pup and cat-heletes get into!

*All photos are property of the Animal Planet and Hallmark Channel

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