• Danielle Motley

5 Reasons Animals Make Better Influencers

Animal influencers are all the rage for pet and non-pet brands alike. From cute dogs and cats, to more obscure animals like chameleons and hedgehogs, these furry (and scaly) friends are taking the internet by storm. You may know the names of celeb-pet influencers like Waffles the Cat and Henry the Colorado Dog. However, there are also a myriad of other pet influencer accounts, mid and macro, that create high-quality, fun, engaging content. Here are just a few reasons why animals really make the best influencers.

They're Fluffin' Cuter

Beauty is subjective. Animal cuteness is not. It's true. Animals are just all cuddles and happy thoughts. When you see an animal it induces feelings of joy, warmth, and calmness. Some companies have even started bringing in adorable fur-balls on a daily basis because animals are known to increase productivity in the workplace.

No Drama, No Divas

While, yes, animal accounts are ran by their hoomans, animal accounts rarely come with the drama that can inevitably arise when dealing with animal influencers. While a few families run these accounts as their full-time source of income, most of them do it because it's fun and they love photography. They love engaging with their audience and connecting with other pet and animal lovers around the world.

Stay Away From Scandals

In light of some recent events, while humans are behind the accounts, they usually remain anonymous. Therefore, you will rarely see a four-legged fur-ball at the forefront of a scandal that will make you have to break your brand partnership with them. No pup shaming here.

It's Just More Fun

Come on. Let's be honest. Is it more fun seeing a slobbery dog sitting next to your premium car brand, anxiously awaiting his next road trip or a beautiful but basic human? Don't get me wrong, we aren't hating on humans. There are some amazing humans out there. But, they can't hold a bone to the animals.

Thinking Outside the Box

Using animal influencers for brand awareness is a great way to differentiate yourself from other products and businesses, especially for non-pet brands. Animal influencers have become so popular, even movie studios are using them to promote upcoming releases. I mean, look at that pup in a cup! Come on! Cuteness overload! Now imagine if that houseware brand had used with a sponsored ad with a link to their product. New customers, new leads! Just like that!

Wanna learn more about running brand awareness campaigns for your products? Reach out to our team and schedule a call! We put your brand in the right paws!

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