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We Could Never Furrget National Pet Day!

Busy day here in the world of petfluencers, but we didn't and couldn't furrget such an important day as National Pet Day. Feels like we just posted about it, but that was National Love Your Pet Day! So many pet days, so little time. But, we make time. Because our fur family members warm our hearts and make the world a better place for not only us but those around us.

Here are just a few facts about pets and pet owners:

  • Cats reserve their purrs and meows for humans

  • Different meows mean different things

  • Goldfish can live longer than most think. Goldfish can live up to 30 years in captivity if cared for properly

  • Pets can reduce stress and lower blood pressure

  • The companionship of a pet also fights depression, anxiety, and can help a myriad of other people with health issues

These are just a few of the millions of ways that pets can enhance our overall quality of life.

Ways to Show Your Pet You Care on National Pet Day

  • Extra cuddles

  • Extra scratches

  • Special Treats

  • A trip to the dog park for the pups

  • A new toy

No pets? But you want to be a part of the National Pet Day fun?

  • Make a donation to a shelter

  • Consider fostering

  • Consider adopting a pet of your own

  • Donate food and supplies to a shelter, foster, or vet

  • Cuddle with a friend's pet

  • Scroll through Instagram and live vicariously through the #nationalpetday hashtag

All the animals featured in this blog are fur family members of our Wooly and Petfluence team.

Happy National Pet Day! Have a pawsitively pawsome time with your non-human pals!

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