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5 Pawsitively Purrfect Holiday Gifts For Your Pets

Still seeking that purffect holiday gift for your favorite floof? This year we've worked with and met many amazing brands. Here, in no purr-ticular order, are 5 that made our must-list this holiday season.

1. Litter Genie

Let's be honest. This gift is probably more for you than your pet. But, we give no floofs. Because, honestly, it is the best way to get rid of the poo. Litter Genie gives you a convenient, airtight place to scoop your cat's box into. A two step, "scoop and pull" process, Litter Genie is straight from the Cave of Wonders. Cleaning up after your cat was never so easy. Or fun! It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Photo credit: Danielle Motley

2. Playology Pets

Made with non-toxic, durable materials, Playology has created a line of scented dog toys that are embedded with all natural smells. Ten times stronger than the nose of a human, dogs go crazy for the scents that Playology creates. As they chew on the toy, more scent particles are released. These toys are made with safe, high-quality materials that even wick away slobber.

Photo Credit: Charlie and Bodie

3. Link AKC

Link AKC's Smart Dog Collar made Oprah's 2019 Favorite Things List. Available in classic and sport, this collar contains many innovative features to track your dog's health and location. It even boasts a flashlight to keep them safe when outside on the dark winter nights. Trackable using an app on your smartphone, Link AKC is leading the way in technology for pups.

Photo Credit: Graywoof

4. Dhuma Pet Homes

The new kid on the block this holiday season, Dhuma has created a line of aesthetically pleasing pet homes. Made from 100% recyclable corrugate and non-toxic ink, Dhuma offers geometric domes for your kitties to keep them feeling safe and anxiety free. Did you know that enclosed spaces, like boxes, offer cats a sense of security and de-stress them? That's why they love when you open your packages and give them the box!

Photo Credit: Dhuma Pet Homes

5. Cat Lady Box

Equal parts fun for cat parents and cats, Cat Lady Box is a weekly subscription that offers you treats for the kitties and the parents. Whether it be a wine glass, toys, or bag of treats for hoomans and/or floofs, Cat Lady Box is a monthly gift you can anxiously await with bated breath. A subscription for the New Year is not a crazy (cat lady) idea!

Photo Credit: Cat Lady Box

Those are just 5 of countless pet brands we adore. It's been a great, fun-filled year, and we can't wait to collaborate with more brands in 2020!



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