• Danielle Motley

5 Thanksgiving Tidbits to Keep Your Pet Safe

Thanksgiving can a delicious day for humans but a troublesome day for pet owners. Many pets end up with an emergency vet visit because they decided to join in on the holiday festivities--with or without the permission of their human. Here are a few impurrtant reminders to keep your pet safe this Thanksgiving.

1. Sugars and spice, not everything nice

Thanksgiving foods are loaded with ingredients that pets do not tolerate well. Many pets end up at the vet with pancreatitis after ingesting items that are not good for them. No matter how much your pet begs or how sneaky they are, make sure to keep them away from the holiday dishes. Sugars and spices-the real holiday menace.

2. Leash Your Guests

Guests can be worse than pets. Remind your guests that table scraps are not good for your pet and to refrain from giving them table treats. Stuffing ingredients can be especially toxic to dogs so reign in the "generosity" of your guests, so it isn't at your pet's expense.

3. Bones Begone!

After the turkey is carved, make sure to dispose of the bones somewhere safe and secure. Bones devoured by a drooling cat or dog can splinter and cause damage to the esophagus, creating a potentially life-threatening issue.

4. Trash the Trash

Don't leave the bags of trash laying about. All the smells! So tempting! But that's just a big buffet pile of trouble for a hungry pet. And, believe me, they are just waiting for you to walk away so they can sift through the treasure trove of smells. Don't be fooled by that face!

5. Treat appropriately

If your pets are skittish around guests (like mine), make sure they have a favorite toy to occupy them, and put them in a room away from all the noise. If your pet just wants to be a part of the party (also like mine), give them vet-approved treats and nibbles. That way they can included without a climatic vet visit.



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