• Danielle Motley

6 Tips to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Safe This Halloween

With Halloween only a few days away, it's important to be prepared. We aren't just talking about buckets of candy for trick-r-treaters or finishing touches on the yard decorations and Halloween costumes. Taking steps to ensure your pets are comfortable and safe this Halloween is vital and equally as impurrtant as all the fun stuff.

1. Keep pets Indoors

Halloween is full of strange people, smells, and sounds. All these changes can be overwhelming for pets, cause strange behavior, and trigger pets to flee or react strangely to new circumstances and surroundings. So, to keep your pets safe, it's best to keep them indoors during Halloween festivities.

2. Safety lights and tracking collars

If you must take your dog (PLEASE leave your cats at home) out on Halloween, make sure they are properly leashed, wearing a tracking collar or microchip, and safety lights. Keep your pups safe from erratic drivers, other animals, or any situation that could stress them out and put them in danger. Making sure your dog has a microchip or tracking collar will give you peace of mind if, for some reason, they were to run away.

3. No Halloween Candy

Sure, pets will beg for Halloween candy. Crafty ones will even sneak a Snickers or two from the candy bucket when you aren't looking. However, it's imperative that you keep these treats away from your pets. Certain wrappers and candies can be toxic to pets, even in small quantities. They are also a choking hazard, specifically wrappers. Don't make an emergency vet visit a mandatory part of your Halloween itinerary.

4. Keep away the glow sticks and jewelry

Similar to #3, glow sticks and jewelry can add flare to your costume but be dangerous to your pets. A glow stick looks like a great chew toy to a dog, but the liquid inside can cause strange reactions and be potentially toxic to your pup. Similarly, jewelry can seem very enticing as a play toy or something to chew on for cats and dogs. Swallowing certain pieces of jewelry is risky for pets. These accessories can cause choking, blockages, and other serious issues.

5. De-stress your pet

If you have a pet that gets anxious or scared easily, prepare for the anticipated arrival of Trick r Treaters or party guests. Place your pet in a room they enjoy, make them comfortable with a bed, toys, food, and water (anything they need to keep them occupied). Put on the TV and/or soothing music to drown out unwelcome noises. Believe it or not, dogs love reggae.

6. No costumes they don't like

Your pets may look cute in costumes and the pictures may come out amazing, but take into account your pet's body shape and personality. Never put a dog or cat who is unwilling in a costume. This can cause undo stress and discomfort for your pet. Our overall goal is the love and spoil our pets, right? Making their lives as happy as possible. Just keep that mindset when you're trying to snap that perfect family Halloween photo for The Gram.

Now that you've absorbed all of these must-knows to keep your pets happy and safe, enjoy your Howl-o-ween!



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