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An Inside Look at Nathan the Cat Lady

In honor of Happy Cat Month, we thought we'd shine the spotlight on one of the internet's favorite cat dads, @nathanthecatlady.

If you're a cat lover and have an Instagram account, then @nathanthecatlady has probably popped up, whether in conversation or in your feed.

Photo Credit: Nathan Kehn

When we first ran across his account, we had lots of questions: Who is this guy? How many cats does he have? Are they all his? Where does he get those wacky video ideas?

Our fav is the Titanic argument. Warning: Pickles gets purrty heated.

Well, we sat down with Nathan this summer and pulled back the curtain to learn more about the LA-based cat dad and his four feline co-stars.

The Beginning of Nathan the Cat Lady

Nathan The Cat Lady (hooman name, Nathan Kehn) came to LA by way of NYC. Nathan moved west to pursue his acting career. As most actors do, Nathan worked a series of odd jobs over the last decade. Anything from carpentry, to the bull operator at Saddle Ranch, to an Abercrombie and Fitch store model. Nathan has juggled a menagerie of jobs to make ends meet while pursuing his dream. Now, his influencer status seems to be taking the forefront. And we are here for it!

Photo Credit: Nathan Kehn

Initially, Nathan started his Instagram as a personal page. After being released from consideration for a commercial, due to his lack of social media followers, Nathan decided to take action and build his brand on Instagram.

Through trial and error, Nathan learned what his audience liked: skits with him and his cats. Nathan discovered the magic combination when a video featuring both hooman and kitties went viral. Soon after, an influx of 25,000 followers gave Nathan an influencer-level account.

Photo Credit: Nathan Kehn

A couple months later, Nathan changed his Instagram handle to @nathanthecatlady and history was made.

The Phenomenon of Nathan the Cat Lady

Nathan prides himself on creating quirky, family-friendly cat content, as he knows that his nephews watch his videos. He's mindful of whose eyes might be watching and wants to set a good example with the content he puts out into the world.

One of the most common questions Nathan gets (other than "will you marry me?" from smitten cat moms) is about how to build and grow your page.

His reply?

"Put content up that you would watch if it weren't yours. Is somebody going to be entertained by this? Look at it from the perspective of a stranger. You have to go into this thinking that nobody cares."

You have to earn their attention.

And, boy, does he ever! Whether he's creating branded content or personal posts, Nathan's account boasts creative, quirky videos that elicit warm, fuzzy feelings and audible, uncontrollable laughter (even in the most awkward of places, we have first-hand experience with this).

Photo Credit: Nathan Kehn

And, it seems, the rest of the world agrees. Nathan and his feline foursome now have over 188,000 followers, and their account continues to steadily grow. Each new video brings a flood of cat lovers to his page.

The Four Feline Stars

The burning question we had for Nathan was: are all four cats yours?

If you didn't know, Nathan's account features four very different felines, each with their own distinctive personality: Pickles, Ginger, Annie, and Princess. Each cat is a co-star and every follower has a fav.

The answer?

No, but close! Three of them are but Princess belongs to Nathan's roommate.

While Pickles and Princess are the camera-lovin' hams, Ginger and Annie take a more subtle and subdued approach to their newfound stardom.

Giving Back and Raising Awareness

In his spare time, Nathan works with different non-profits and cat rescues to raise awareness and support adoptions. Nathan's latest project has been as an ambassador for the CatCafe Lounge in Los Angeles. Alongside the founder, Kristi, Nathan has been actively working to build a pop-up for kittens called Tiny Beans.

CatCafe Lounge isn't the only non-profit Nathan has lent his hands and heart to over the past few years. In his spare time, Nathan has helped raise funds and awareness for the Stray Cat Alliance, Kitten Rescue LA, and the EFBC (Exotic Feline Breeding Compound).

Putting his construction skills to use, Nathan helped the EFBC's Feline Conservation Center build a pool for their elderly Tiger, Caesar, who resided at the EFBC. Caesar was elated by the addition of his new pool, lounging in and around it until he sadly passed away a few months later.

Sage Advice From Your Favorite Cat Dad

We asked Nathan if he had any sage cat-advice to impress upon the world he replied, "Adopt shelter cats! Additionally, it's so important to spay and neuter your pets, especially those who go outdoors."

Everyone Has a Calling

While Nathan loves making videos with his four favorite felines, his initial goals and dreams haven't changed. When asked what his dream role would be, Nathan replied (with little surprise to us, as he's already a savior for the cats of the world), he would love to play a superhero. Something in the vein of Deadpool.

We don't know about the rest of the world, but we are thinking "Cat Man"may be his superhero name. Or Cat Dad. We'll keep spitballin'. In the meantime, consider the mantra we made for him below.

If you'd like to check out Nathan and his furry entourage, take a gander at his Instagram. It's hiss-terical.

Photo Credit: Nathan Kehn



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