• Danielle Motley

Don't Furrget About Your Dogs This Fourth of July

With tomorrow being the Fourth of July, the grocery store was already packed with party-goers and vacationers this Wednesday evening. When I got to the store around 7 p.m., all the grocery carts were gone and the lot was packed. People had baskets full of ribs for basting, sparklers for waving, and, of course, fireworks for, well, firing.

While you are having fun this holiday season, make sure not to neglect your pet's needs and possible anxiety as the fireworks begin to go off. Dogs are especially susceptible to the unusual sounds and lights. Fireworks trigger a flight response in dog. They signal danger, so dogs will instinctively try to flee. Without the proper precautions, your dog can end up severely anxious, escaping and getting lost, or worse. Here are a few tips to help keep your pup at ease this Fourth of July.

Keep Them Indoors

Keeping your pup indoors is key to keeping them safe. Anxious pups that are out in the yard or on a walk when fireworks strike after more likely to freak out and run away. They may act completely out of character and do anything they can to escape to "safety". Some dogs have gone as far as to run through a glass door. So be aware and vigilant, ensuring your pup is safe and secure. Even if you have the chillest dog in the world, it's not worth carting them to a BBQ or parade and risking their sanity and safety. If they aren't a hooman kid, they should stay home.


Music can be the magic that you need this Fourth of July. Dogs can hear sounds farther away than we can. So, if fireworks seem far away to you, they may still trigger anxiety and nervousness in your dog. Certain types of music can help block out some of those pesky noises. Relaxing styles include reggae and classical music. Try out some soothing tunes to give your dog a break during the Fourth festivities.


An extra walk around the block or an impromptu trip to the dog park might be in order. Making sure your dog gets a good workout before the evening festivities is an excellent plan. Tiring your dog out will help them sleep through the noise and get rid of any built-up energy that could add to their jitters.

Calming Products

If you know your dog is going to react negatively to fireworks, a little preparation is a good idea. There are many different products available to help put a dog at ease on the 4th of July. Olaganics carries a variety of calming supplements. These need to be started ahead of said noisy time. So it's best to start your dog on them a day or two beforehand. Similarly, Thundershirts or different types of compression shirts and vests for dogs can reduce anxiety. Compression shirts and vests resemble a maternal hug and have been proven to have a calming effect on dogs.

Every pup's personality is different and you never know how a dog will respond when feeling overly-stressed, so just make sure you are prepared and so is your pup. That way you can both enjoy the holiday.



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