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The continuation of the two-part series featuring @nathanthecatlady!

We were dying to hear the origin story of each cat. And here they are:

Photo Credit: Nathan Kehn

Origin Story: Pickles

All cats joined the family in Los Angeles, and Pickles was the first. Pickles belonged to Nathan's roommate, and it was apparent Pickles needed a friend. So, Nathan offered to share a second cat with his roommate and along came Ginger.

Photo Credit: Nathan Kehn

Origin Story: Ginger

When said roommate wanted to move out, he considered splitting up the kitties. However, Pickles and Ginger were so bonded that Nathan couldn't imagine separating them. So, Nathan offered to keep both Ginger and Pickles on the spot, and he became a cat dad of two.

Photo Credit: Nathan Kehn

Origin Story: Annie

Annie had a more dramatic start. Rescued from the side of the road at 5 weeks, Annie found her way to her new cat dad through a former girlfriend's mom. The two ladies were on their way to an appointment when they spotted Annie on the side of the road. Unable to take her along, they reached out to Nathan for help. Without hesitation, he came to the rescue.

Cat parents always say that cats will "find and claim you". This is what happened with Nathan and Annie. As soon as Nathan scooped her up, she crawled right into his hoodie and claimed sanctuary.

Photo Credit: Nathan Kehn

Origin Story: Princess

Princess is Nathan's current roommate's cat. Living up to her name, Princess is a ham, playing to the camera, offering us dramatic, stoic poses.

She and Pickles definitely give Nathan a run for his money when the camera turns on. They are scene-stealers, to say the least.

Princess's beautiful white coat and mismatched blue and green eyes exude an Old Hollywood aura. She's the Grace Kelly of kitty cats.

Photo Credit: Nathan Kehn

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